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Basic Cleaning Service
Discover a convenient and hassle-free way to your clean your home. Our basic maid service includes 43 tasks.
Spring Cleaning Service in Chicago
Remove hidden dirt and grime according to your needs and eliminate the possibility of harmful buildup. Add windows washing, baseboards and oven interior cleaning in addition to all basic cleaning tasks.
Office Cleaning Chicago
Make your office’s first impression sparkle with excellence- because first impressions matter and pristine working environment guarantees optimum productivity. We will provide all needed cleaning supplies and equipment free of charge- customize your order online.
After Construction Cleaning Chicago
Home cleaning after major construction or a small renovation can be challenging and time-consuming. Hire house cleaning professional team to return your home to original condition.
Super Spring Maid Service Chicago
Keep your home in a sparkling showing condition with our Super Spring cleaning! Add laundry service, windows, blinds, kitchen appliances, ceiling fans cleaning and more.
Move in out Cleaning in Chicago
If you rented a house or an apartment and are at the end of the lease, you’ll be very familiar with those picky needs of landlords when it comes to move-out day. Our company specializes in move-in, move-out type of cleaning. We will professionally clean inside the bathrooms and kitchen cabinets, draws, appliances, windows, blinds, ceiling fans. Customize your cleaning package online 24/7
Carpet Cleaning Chicago
Regular carpet cleaning as part of a complete residential cleaning package can help maintain the life of your carpet and improve indoor air quality, which in turn decreases the likelihood of allergy and asthma symptoms.
Regular House Cleaning Services in Chicago
House cleaning services on a recurring basis. Choose your own service frequency. Customize your order online. Low pricing!
How to Choose a Professional Chicago Cleaning Service

Cleaning a home can be a dirty, time consuming and oftentimes backbreaking job. Most average families have a lot going on already and the thought of adding cleaning to the list isn’t extremely appealing. There are many cleaning companies and Chicago maids out there and knowing which one to pick can be an overwhelming thought. With a few tips for hiring reputable cleaning services in Chicago you can be assured of success.

Decide what you need for a home cleaning company before you hire anyone. If you are able to articulate exactly what you need from a cleaning crew you will be able to have a list of requirements to start with. Think about the jobs you don’t want to do yourself. Perhaps having a maid to clean the toilets and tubs is a high priority. Maybe you don’t want anyone to touch your collection of fine porcelain figurines. Whatever your priorities, write them out so you can refer back to your list as you speak to different companies. As a result, you can easily cross off companies that don’t offer services that are on your list of “must haves”.

First and foremost, eliminate any Chicago maids or cleaning services that are not insured and bonded. The reason this is so important is that if an accident happens while an employee is on your property the company is responsible if they have the proper bonding and insurance, if they don’t, you are responsible.

Be sure you know who is coming into your home. Ask if the company does a background check on all their employees. If they do not, keep looking, you don’t want to have people in your home that could have a criminal background. Every reputable cleaning service in Chicago will be performing background checks prior to hiring their employees.

Ask for referrals or check online for verified customer testimonials. Often you can get referrals from your neighbors, friends or family, especially if they have had a positive experience with a house cleaning service. Testimonials are another way to find reputable companies. Look for websites that offer unbiased customer reviews from people that have been verified as customers. Be wary of companies that only have glowing reviews, while they may be exceptional, no one is perfect.

Don’t choose the cheapest cleaning service. If one company is much lower than all the rest, be wary. Most of the time businesses that offer similar services will be in the same ballpark price wise. If one is undercutting the rest by a large amount, keep looking.

Ask for a free consultation. If the cleaning company isn’t willing to come to your home to see what services you need and what will be required you should consider this a red flag. Both you and the cleaning service should be on the same page before you agree to work with each other. Never pay by the hour. Paying by the hour is an invitation for maids to work slowly to boost their income.

Make sure you know what types of cleaning products the company uses. If you have pets or children you will want to make sure the cleaning agents are safe around humans and animals. Also, if anyone has allergies, you will want to make sure the cleaners won’t cause any negative reactions.

Finally, whether you are searching for a maid or a house or apartment cleaning service make sure the company offers a satisfaction guarantee. If the company takes pride in their work they will see to it that their customers are happy no matter what.

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Thorough, customized cleaning services in Chicago
We clean using efficient and detail-oriented system. Your home is unique and our system is flexible allowing full customization of your maid  service appointment. Ask for detailed checklist.

Maids training & background check
We understand how important is to trust your home cleaning company- that's why we screen every crew member. Once hired, they receive an extensive and comprehensive training.

Cleaning services Chicago
House cleaning is a chore you no longer have to handle. Hire a professional maid service in Chicago to do your toughest home cleaning tasks. Our services are affordable and convenient.