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By support 22 Jan, 2018

If you've been thinking about trying to clean your carpets yourself, you might want to reconsider. After the time and effort you put into it, you may actually do more harm than good.

It may seem like a simple job, but there are many possible carpet cleaning mistakes  you could make. You could potentially cause costly damage and end up calling the professionals anyway.

Calling an experienced carpet cleaning business right away is your best bet.

Still unsure if this is the way to go? Let's look at 5 benefits of hiring professional service.

1. Improve Your Home's Air Quality

That's right! Your carpet isn't the only thing that gets cleaned when you hire professional cleaning services.

Over time, your carpet traps contaminants that get into your home's air system. You may not realize it, but a dirty carpet means dirty air .

This is especially important if there are people in the home with allergies or asthma. They need the cleanest air possible.

When you get your carpets cleaned, these contaminants are lifted out of the carpet and your air quality improves.

2. Increase Your Carpet's Longevity

Carpet is an investment, but only if it's maintained. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning business helps ensure your carpet stays in good shape for years.

Aside from getting them cleaned in order to get stains out, you should have a full cleaning done every year. This helps you avoid having to replace them prematurely.

Professionals will look at the condition of your floors and let you know if anything special needs to be done. They will then provide a thorough cleaning so your carpets not only last longer, they also look their best.

3. Knowledge and Experience

There are many types of carpet. Different styles and textures require different care. When you hire carpet cleaners , you're getting people who specialize in all types of cleaning techniques.

They will know exactly how to care for your specific flooring without causing damage. Because they've worked with all types of carpets, you can rest assured they have the skills needed for the job.

Professionals are also knowledgeable on the different types of materials needed to clean rugs and carpets and will put this knowledge to work for you.

4. Professional Equipment

If you try to clean your carpets yourself, you'll likely be using household products and a home vacuum cleaner. This just won't cut it.

Common household vacuums don't have enough power to lift dirt particles that are tightly embedded in the fibers. Your vacuum may look like it's getting the job done, but it's only cleaning the superficial dirt.

On the other hand, a company has the proper, high-strength equipment that you don't have access to. Their equipment is specifically designed to get dirt and stains out of carpet. They'll also be using special shampoos designed for superior cleaning.

5. Get the Job Done Fast

A carpet cleaning business has a process in line and knows how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Plus, they do this kind of work all the time, so they know how to clean carpets of varying condition.

If you have a party coming up and need a cleaning fast, the professionals will be in and out. Trying to do it yourself would be extremely time-consuming.

A Carpet Cleaning Business in Your Area

If you were thinking of trying to clean your carpets yourself, you've probably reconsidered after reading this article.

Now it's time to find someone in your area.

AccessMaids provide carpet and home cleaning services in the Chicago area. Contact us today for more information

By support 22 Jan, 2018

That time of year has come where everyone's to-do list just seems to get longer and longer. That's right, the holidays are here.

While shopping for presents or looking for that perfect Thanksgiving turkey may be difficult, one of the hardest tasks is getting your home ready for all the holiday guests.

The perfect holiday home is not as unrealistic as it sounds. With a few simple changes, and with a little bit of outside help, it's not difficult to get your home in tip-top shape for all the family and friends stopping by in the next few weeks.

Read on to find out how to get your home ready for this joyful season.

1. Stock up on Guest Supplies

While your guests are busy stuffing their bags with gifts and warm clothing, some things they may overlook are basic toiletries. Having extra towels, shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, and all the like in your home will really make a huge difference for your guests and for everyone's comfort.

In order to avoid buying items that will not be completely used up, consider buying travel-sized toothpaste and shampoo bottles. This will provide the perfect amount for your guests and will also save you money in the long run.

2. Make Some Room!

While there will definitely be more bodies in your home, there will also be more clothes, suitcases, and coats coming with them. It's crucial to make more room in your home for these items.

By making simple changes  such as clearing the closet of unwanted items, you will be able to fit everything your guests bring with them!

It may also be advisable to purchase some space-saving items around the house. Furniture items such as hall trees or coat racks can really help you save some space for you and your guests this season.

3. Get into the Perfect Holiday Spirit

It's untrue that holiday cheer and the perfect holiday home are mutually exclusive. You shouldn't shy away from decorating the inside and outside of your home.

With different types of warm decorations , your guests will feel more spirited and welcome in a home that has nice, sensible decorations for all to enjoy.

4. Hire Professional Cleaning

Whether you're an outright mess or a cleaning extraordinaire, everyone can use some outside help from professional cleaners during the holiday season. While cleaning may seem simple at first, it's hard for one person to check off all the cleaning necessities  while also balancing the rest of their holiday to-dos.

Professional cleaners  can take that extra step that will make your house sparkle in the eyes of your guests when they come to visit. If you really want that perfect holiday home, it is best to look for the best professional cleaners around Chicago.

If you feel your home needs some professional cleaning done before all your friends and family are in town, then you're in luck. Visit our website  for a free estimate on a professional cleaning for your home. You won't regret having a spotless, welcoming home for all your guests to enjoy this holiday season.

By support 11 Jan, 2018

The best cleaners know a lot that you don't know. There are ways to make things easy. Discover the expertise they have that you can learn from today!

Keyword(s): best cleaners

What if you're the reason that your house is never clean?

Chances are that you clean the house often. This includes cooking, vacuuming, and doing dishes.

However, many people do these things wrong. This leads to a dirty house and makes you waste your time cleaning multiple times.

There are several cleaning secrets you can learn from the best cleaners  this holiday season.

Who Are the Best Cleaners?

The best cleaners are professional cleaners. They know all of the secrets about making your house look spotless.

Here are just a few of the secrets that they have to share.

Get Very Attached

Chances are that your vacuum came with many different attachments. Most consumers ignore these attachments and just use the basic vacuum.

This is a mistake. Dirt, dust, and pet fur collect in places that your vacuum cannot reach. Things like wand attachments and electrostatic dry mops can collect large piles of dirt.

The end result is a cleaner house. If you have friends with allergies, this makes your home much more inviting for them.

Oven Cleaning Secret

Keeping a clean oven is highly important. A dirty oven can contaminate your food and make it unpleasant to smell or taste.

There is a secret solution  to oven cleaning. You simply mix an equal amount of vinegar, baking soda, and water together.

Heat this mixture at one hundred degrees Celsius for forty-five minutes. Wipe this solution on the bottom and sides of the stove.

After the oven cools down, use a sponge to wipe the mess away. This makes the dirtiest ovens look like they're brand new.

Slow Things Down

Most people don't like cleaning. Because of that, they rush things like vacuuming.

It's important to pull the vacuum cleaner very slowly  while you clean. This is because it is the act of pulling that removes dirt and soil.

Combine this technique with using the wand attachment to clean up loose dirt. This prevents the slow vacuum movement from blowing excess dirt all over the place while you are trying to clean.

Turn Dishes Into Tetris

Washing dishes is something everybody hates. Like vacuuming, this is another cleaning task that most people rush through.

This results in people throwing dishes and utensils into a dishwasher at random. Means that things like spoons face the same way and "spoon" each other, keeping them from getting clean.

Your dishes will be much cleaner if you alternate placing spoons facing straight down and straight up. You can do the same with most plates to make sure they are getting clean enough.

Save Time and Money

While "time is money" is a cliche? it is very true. All of the time you are spending trying to keep your house clean is time you could spend on other things.

If you had a professional to clean your home, you would be able to focus more on your job. It would also give you more time to actually enjoy relaxing in your home.

To begin your journey to a cleaner and happier home, contact us for a free estimate  today!

By support 11 Jan, 2018

Just because you can do your own cleaning doesn't mean you always should. Here are three times you definitely want professional cleaners.

Keyword(s): Professional cleaners

The holidays are upon us. It's a great time of year. The decorations and festivities, the days off from work.

On top of it all, you may even have family coming into town.

However, this is likely your busiest time of year as well. The last thing on your mind is keeping your home clean. This is one reason you should hire professional cleaners.

When you're too busy with everything life throws at you, professional cleaning services can be there to take care of the mess. Keep reading for 3 times when only professional cleaners are capable of getting the job done right.

1. You Just Moved In

If you just relocated to a new house or apartment , you're probably scrambling to take care of the important things.

You need to secure a job and get settled in. Your kids need to get into school.

Not to mention you need to have the power, water, cable, and internet all cut on. All of these necessary things are not just a hassle, they're time-consuming.

Why not let some professional cleaners help check off some things on the to-do list? You probably haven't even purchased cleaning supplies yet!

Finding the right company can give you an excuse to get out of the house and meet some neighbors to ask who cleans for them. It's a great reason to bring up small talk at your new job and get to know your co-workers as well.

2. Allergies

Are you one of the millions of people in this country who has a sensitivity to dust ? Don't worry. We've got you covered.

No one wants to spend their day off cleaning and then subsequently sneezing and dealing with itchy and watery eyes.

Give yourself and your family a break and leave this hassle to the pros.

3. It Costs More to Do It Yourself

Chances are pretty good that you're not the best housekeeper in the world. Unless you do it for a living, why would you be?

Most of us think wiping off the counters and running a dry Swiffer pad around the floor is enough. It isn't.

You can't just spray some bleach on a toilet seat and call it a day.

Also, you need to think about the costs of cleaning your Chicago home. Supplies can be expensive and add up quickly. You take time out of your day to clean which could be spent doing something you enjoy or putting in some extra time at work towards a bonus or promotion.

If you have a high paying job, it's actually going to be cheaper for you to outsource this cleaning to professional cleaners.

They'll come in while you're at work, take care of all the cleaning, and you'll walk into a spotless home with one less thing to worry about.

The Takeaway on Professional Cleaners

The benefits of hiring pros  to clean your house or apartment are nearly endless.

However, the above three examples should be plenty. You know you don't want to deal with the dust and extra work.

If you have family coming in for the holidays, you'll need to cut back on shopping or take an extra day off to get your home into shape.

Leave it to us. We're the best cleaning business in the Chicago area. Book an appointment  with us today.

By support 11 Jan, 2018

Are you ever afraid to have people over? Deep cleaning services can make all the difference. Discover how to open your doors with confidence this year!

Keyword(s): deep cleaning services

You love your friends and family. Yet, you hate having to clean because they're coming over. So why not just hire deep cleaning services ?

Cleaning can be a challenging and complicated process. It's full of scrubbing and hiding and sweeping.

Why do we put ourselves through it? Because we care.

We care that our friends and family are comfortable when they come over for dinner, or to spend the night. We also want to make them think that we keep our homes in OK shape and are not completely feral.

But, we should really be saving ourselves a lot of stress by hiring deep cleaning services to take care of this for us. And here's why.

Your Time is Money

Have you ever taken a day off, or a half a day off to stay home and clean? That's madness!

Your time is too valuable to waste doing something that a professional cleaner can do far better than you, in less time.

Think about how much you make per hour, and per day. Now, consider that deep cleaning services can do more in two hours than you can likely do in eight. So, now does the decision to hire a cleaner make more sense?

It's unwise to use vacation days and sick days to clean your house before company arrives. Those days are way too valuable to waste on something like this. Did you know that last year, about 54% of Americans  didn't take all their vacation days?

So don't waste your day off cleaning!

Your Time Can Be Better Spent as a Host

What do you remember more about your last party? How clean the house was, or the 3-layer dip they served? The dip, clearly.

If you really want to wow guests, spend your time focusing on the thing that actually wows them. Spend your days leading up to the event Googling food and signature cocktails.

People don't compliment you on streak-free windows in the bathroom. They compliment you on the meatballs you slow roasted all day.

So, spend your time doing more impactful and fun things.

You Can Go into Hosting Physically and Emotionally Fresh

All this cleaning is bad for your heart  and bad for your soul. Don't spend the hours leading up to entertaining as a sweaty mess trying to get everything done.

Relax, focus on you. Have a glass of something delicious and get yourself ready to entertain. Go into your evening or event with a full battery, instead of being at 28% after a whole afternoon of cleaning, then showering at the last second.

Ready to Hire Professional Deep Cleaning Services?

Now that we've outlined a few reasons why deep cleaning services just make sense, are you ready to take the next step and hire a professional to take over your duties?

That's where we come in.

We provide the area's best, most thorough and affordable cleaning services, so you can focus on the other parts of your life.

Need us today? Feel free to book online  or learn a little more by getting a free estimate .

By support 23 Nov, 2017

We all know that feeling. You have beloved friends and family visiting for the holidays, and you just haven't had time to get around to cleaning the house. Time is ticking, and your stress level is rising.

The holidays should be all about enjoying yourself and time with those you love! Don't let a messy house ruin joyous times in your home, or a trip away.

Getting your home professionally cleaned is the perfect solution. Schedule a session with a cleaning service this holiday season to save yourself time and money.

Want to know more? Keep reading to learn about five reasons you should have your home cleaned before the holidays.

1. Save Precious Time

If you've got packing to do for a big trip or cooking and socializing to do for a family get-together or holiday party, it's a lot of extra work. On top of your normal tasks and chores, you'll have way more cleaning and dishes to do than normal- and much less time!

Hiring a professional cleaning service will allow you to spend more time with family, and less time worrying about tidying up.

2. Not Everyone Is Born Organized

Being super clean and organized is a skill- and not one you're born with . If you find that you're a bit messy, it's okay to get help!

You don't have to feel like you need to be a cleaning superstar to impress your holiday visitors. Give the pros a call and don't worry about a thing!

3. Cleaning Before You Go Away Makes for a Better Trip

A deep clean isn't just necessary if you're having family and friends over for holiday festivities. Cleaning before you go away to visit others is just as important!

But between all the packing, travel organizing, and finishing up last minute work, making sure the house is spotless before you take off is a downright hassle. Don't spend your trip worrying about arriving back to a home that's in complete disarray.

Hiring a professional cleaning service is a quick and easy solution!

4. Reduce Stress this Holiday Season

Scientific research shows that living in a clean environment has an astronomically positive effect on the human psyche . Keeping your home extra clean will reduce your stress during the holidays and allow you to enjoy the season.

Of all the things that could be stressful this holiday season, don't let a messy environment be one! Let the professionals take care of it and feel the relaxation flow.

5. It's Economically Smart

Hiring a professional cleaning service may seem like a special treat. However, it can actually save you money.

If you need to do a deep cleaning before having guests or traveling, it will involve purchasing lots of new cleaning agents  and equipment. Instead of investing in new items you'll rarely use, hiring a cleaning service is the smart financial choice.

Happy Holidays!

This holiday season, enjoy yourself! Don't let a mess cause stress. Hiring a professional cleaning service will save you money, time, and a whole lot of anxiety.

Not sure where to turn for a great cleaning service? You're in the right place!

Contact us  to learn more about our services and what we can do for you. We're here to help!

By support 07 Nov, 2017

If you hate cleaning you aren't alone. Many people struggle along to clean their apartment during their time off work.

Then they wonder where their nights or weekends went!

Experts now say that hiring a cleaning service might be one of the keys to happiness. Focusing on expenses that save you time, rather than get you things, has been shown to make people happier.

More happiness and less cleaning the toilet? Sounds too good to be true!

But beyond happiness, there are a number of great reasons to hire a service to clean your Chicago apartment. Take a look:


Not only does hiring a cleaning company save time, it's also a lot more affordable than people think. And the value is much greater than a typical cleaning a person does for themselves.

Many people struggle just to stay ahead of the requirements. They never get everything done and feel exhausted at the end.

With a service, you will also appreciate how clean things are. Add in the fact that the services can fit into any budget and it's a great value across the board.


There are many companies to choose from. One of the most important things to make sure of is that you pick a company with insurance.

A company with insurance will be able to offer proof of insurance  and an insurance certificate as well.


Cleaning is a service with a wide range of different levels of professionalism and quality. With amateur services, you can't expect the best value and cost savings.

Unfortunately skimping on costs upfront can cost more down the road. It pays to deal with a professional company across the board.

That way items like billing, insurance, and quality won't be in question.


When it comes to finding the right service there is nothing better than testimonials. In fact, 92% of all people  prefer earned media, or referrals, when it comes to making a decision about goods and services.

With cleaning companies, you can't be too careful. The next best thing to your friend recommending a service is knowing the company you choose has a great track record.

You can make sure your cleaning company has great reviews  before you make a selection too.

Guaranteed Quality from A Cleaning Service

When picking any new service there can be a certain amount of risk. Will the company provide great customer service and quality?

The right cleaning company will offer a guarantee of quality work. Make sure yours offers to redo the work promptly if you aren't satisfied in any way.

That way you can rest assured you are getting the best value and support.

Finding the Best

Once you realize the best qualities of Chicago cleaning services it's easy to go out and find them.

Access Maids offers the best people, processes, and technology to take care of the cleaning service needs of your apartment.

We can offer automated scheduling and time management to work around the busiest of schedules.

Don't wait to find the best Chicago cleaning service. Book your appointment online now.

By support 24 Oct, 2017

Are you always behind in your daily chores?

You wish you had a clean house, but by the time you get home from work you feel exhausted.

You're not alone, many Chicagoans feel the same way you do. With these quick cleaning tips for people in a hurry, it'll be easier to manage your cleaning.

Make Your Bed

Start every morning by making your bed. If you're a single and don't move around much at night simply pull the covers back to their original spot and arrange the pillows.

You can also try stretching out the sheets while you still laying in bed. Once you make your bed, your room will look put together.

Night to Morning Routine

Set up a routine of things you can clean or prepare at night and you can finish in the morning. These quick cleaning tips will make the most dreaded activities fast and easy.


Load your washer machine the night before and start it in the morning when you wake up just press start. Your clothes will be washing as you get ready for work.

By the time you leave the house the load should be done. You can place in the dryer before you head out.


If you're lucky to have a dishwasher, start it every night. Unload it every morning while you wait for your coffee to brew or while you make breakfast.

Without a dishwasher, it could still be simple if you wash your dishes after every meal. It's easier and faster to wash a couple at a time than an entire day of dishes.


Take advantage to the steam from your shower. When the bathroom is nice and steamy is the perfect time to do some cleaning. Keep a small cleaning bathroom kit in your bathroom.

Use daily shower cleaning spray  after you get out of the shower each time, and you will avoid having to clean extra residue. keep a microfiber around and wipe off mirrors and the sink.

If It's Not Dirty, Don't Clean It

You don't have to clean out every Inch of your house every single day. Pick an area of your house to do every night weeknight or weekends.

If you clean each area well, there's no need to keep going back to it every single day. For example, if you remove your shoes at the entrance, you don't have to vacuum the carpet  quite as often.

Don't Accumulate Clutter

Clutter areas will make your house seem messier than it is. We're talking about things you let sit on your coffee or dinner table, and under your bed. Also, recycle old magazines and newspapers.

Get rid of old clothes you'll never wear again by donating to charity . A good rule of thumb is if you haven't worn it in over a year, it's time to let it go.

Did You Enjoy These Quick Cleaning Tips?

If you manage your house cleaning a little bit each day, you could have a clean home even when you're always on the go.

We proudly offer cleaning services for busy Chicagoans. We offer a variety of packages for any occasion. Contact us for a free estimate .

By support 23 Oct, 2017

Fall is finally here and it's time to enjoy the twilight months of 2017. And while fall is a great time where we gather with loved ones and enjoy the holidays, it's important to keep a clean and inviting home.

A dirty home doesn't just look bad, it can actively make you sick . As much of a pain as dusting and raking is, all it takes is a little bit of dust or a hearty cough to turn a sweet holiday sour.

So make sure you and your family are ready for winter by following our fall cleaning checklist below!


Wash The Windows

Let's start your fall cleaning checklist festivities by washing the windows. Before you groan and stop reading, we promise that it's actually quite simple.

All you need is a little bit of glass cleaner or a squirt of dish soap and the right type of cloth.

While you could use paper towels or something similar, the wrong type of material will leave windows smudged and erase your hard work.

Accordingly, make sure to grab a microfiber cloth. It'll leave your windows looking spotless and streak-free!

Vacuum Floors

If you haven't already invested in a great vacuum, head to the store right after this article. Skimping on a vacuum may seem like the best course of action, but cheaper vacuums break faster and leave debris.

Fortunately, many vacuums now come with various settings for different types of flooring. So whether you have hardwood or carpet , the right setting can make your floors vibrant again.


We understand that nobody likes dusting, but it's a necessary evil. When dust accumulates, it can cause all sorts of nasty allergies  and problems.

It's time to go on a seek-and-destroy mission to dust every surface in your house. Every cabinet, shelf, entertainment center, piece of furniture, etc., will need dusting.

And don't forget the hard to reach areas like window sills or on ceiling fan blades.


Rake Leaves

When it comes to raking leaves, everyone falls into one of two categories. The first group hates raking with a burning passion. The latter finds it to be a relaxing, almost zen-like experience.

But whichever category you fall under, raking leaves likely won't take as long as you expect. Grab a rake, some great music or an audiobook, and start cleaning up the yard. Think of it less as a chore and more of a chance to catch up on a great book or podcast.

Clear Gutters

It's recommended that you clean out your gutters at least a few times a year to avoid any costly problems.

But as you head to your grab the ladder, remember: be careful. Have someone outside with you in case the ladder starts trembling. Cleaning gutters can be dangerous, so always exercise extreme caution.

Check Weather Stripping Around Windows And Doors

Last but not least, double check that all windows and doors are properly sealed. Improperly sealed appliances can let cold air in, driving up your heating bill.

Fall Cleaning Checklist Final Thoughts

These 6 tasks shouldn't take too long, and before you know it you'll have a gorgeous, well-cleaned home. Of course, if you're too busy or just need a bit of help, we're here to help.

Get in touch today for a free estimate . Curl up with a mug of hot cocoa and take some time for yourself. Let us do the hard work!

By support 17 Jul, 2017

Cleaning Companies Are Making Moving Simple

Cleaning measures during moving in or out of a house are in all likelihood a necessity. A task, which is never to be ignored, yet simply going by the labor that one has to put in makes the cleaning job one of the toughest.

Getting Things Right:

The help has now poured in from expert professional companies that provide cleaning services for moving in or out of a property. The draining experience often piling up stress levels is now a lot lesser due to the involvement of such professionals.

It is the crew and the cleaning team of the companies that do all the hard work. The occupant that is to move in or move out of their house can always rely on the job that is accomplished by the very efficient cleaning crews. The decades of being in business and that too in every corner of the country of their origin backed up with proper insurance for every work undertaken is greatly relied on by many clients.

The Underlining Points of Cleaning Business:

The cleaning companies that have earned their repute in the cleaning business have done so through some characteristics, which are like;

•      A thorough screening process is conducted while finalising their work team

•      The training program is quite of a high-level that the trainees have to go through for being adept at their work.

•      The good work has helped many companies earn excellent customer reviews.

•      The companies are well insured that covers damages if there are any during cleaning.

Putting through the Call:

Anyone thus on the lookout for cleaning companies can very well get in touch through the websites present. Internet has paved the way for many amenities, a cleaning service contact complete with a free in-home price estimate is now just a matter of few mouse clicks. A client just needs to fill in his or her details in an online form before every kind of help is on way to their house.

Environmentally Responsible:

Cleaning companies are not just about providing services to clients and earning money in the process. The responsibility is clearly visible from the environment angle too. Often the materials that go on use are green or environmentally sustainable.

With a full proof way of working with an eye to the surrounding environment, many of the cleaning companies happen to guarantee satisfaction. This triggers the confidence of the clients who goes ahead in choosing the company’s team of experts. It is this trust that over time transforms into relationship between the client and the company.

If the above discussed points do not sounds convincing enough for the readers then the records might. The very successful lot of cleaning companies go on to provide statistics of over a million cleaning assignments. The works are all thorough in nature with every detail emphasizing the quality nature of work that has been undertaken.

Testimonials by clients serve a great deal in putting a cleaning company under the positive lights. The positive reviews help drawing in more customers with added recommendations by many more.

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