How do I schedule an appointment?
Please use online reservation system 24/7 or call (312) 363-8714
If you have an account you may book an appointment via email support@accessmaids.com) or send text message to (312) 363-8714
All on-line reservations are instantly confirmed. No phone calls required.
How do I Reschedule a Booking?

  1. Locate the booking by selecting Booking History from the top menu
  2. Select the booking from the list of bookings
  3. Select the Service Date/Time link
  4. Choose the new preferred date/time
  5. Select Save
Reschedule Cleaning Appointment
What are your payment arrangements?
Cash and checks are accepted when your order is complete.
The credit card on file will be charged within few days after the appointments if no payment left out.
How to update billing Information

The customer should select their Name in the top right corner, then select Update Billing Information.
Update Credit Card Information
Do you guarantee quality?
Yes, we do. 
If we miss any areas, the cleaning crew will fix the problem areas free of charge.
Am I required to provide any cleaning supplies?
No. AccessMaids crew arrives fully equipped with our own supplies and equipment (vacuum cleaner, rags, etc.).
We will need access to the water and electric only.
What’s included in the price?
All needed cleaning products, tools, insurance, transportation (including gas cost) and taxes are part of pricing.
Do you arrive promptly?
We have the following arrival times:
7:30- 8am, 10- 11 am, 12- 1pm, 2- 4pm
2 hours arrival window for regular appointments.
For instance, if you booked an appointment for 12pm the cleaning crew will arrive between 12 and 1pm.
Does someone always have to be home while cleaning?
No. If you will not be present while cleaning or can’t let the crew in, please provide the information required to obtain access.
It can be a note, granting AccessMaids permission to enter, left with the building management office/front desk. Or building entry code, keys hiding spot information, lockbox combination, etc.
When do you charge my credit card and how can I get the receipt?
Our crew leader will leave the copy of the work order on the kitchen countertop with the time stamp.
Your credit card will be charged within few days. To request an itemized invoice with the payment receipt, please email your request to billing@accessmaids.com or call (312) 363-8714
What about cancellations?
24 hours notice required to cancel or reschedule to avoid a fee. Call (312) 363-8714, email request to support@accessmaids.com or cancel via your online account.
What's your pets policy?
We are pet's friendly cleaning company! Please know if your pet behaves aggressively we may refuse service and charge for the appointment.
How many people do you send to my home?
Normally, we send 2 maids crew. Occasionally 3 person team or 1 maid will come due to personnel illness or for a particularly large jobs.
How far in advance do I need to schedule an appointment?
Sometimes same day service is available, but other times we are booked solid for 3 days in advance.
What are the appointment times?
We schedule appointments every half hour between 7:45am and 2pm.
What are your office hours?
We are open Monday thru Saturday 7:30am- 6:30pm. Instant online reservations are accepted 24/7
Does your crew require a parking space?
You don’t have to provide the parking spot.
We’ll drop-off/pick up our personnel upon the job completion
Will I get the same team every time?
Per your request we will send the same crew if you offer 3 hours arrival flexibility or select 7:45am appointment. Occasionally, due to illness an alternate team or maid will have to be substituted.
What don't you do?
Our personnel do not climb higher than a step stool, wash walls and ceilings routinely, clean windows from the outside, move furniture that contains electronics, lift any objects over 35 pounds, touch TV screens or computer equipment, prepare meals, iron, or provide any children-related services.
How do you handle the keys?
All keys are coded individually and cross-referenced separately for security reasons. All keys are secured in a top grade business safe in our office.
What if I have a security system?
Our cleaning professionals are trained to deal with many types of alarms and security systems. We recommend you provide us with a code that you can change after we leave.
Will you remind me about my appointment?
We will email reminder two days before your service day. Text message reminder will be send 3 days and 1 day before your reservation (upon request). We do offer a courtesy call on the day of cleaning (per your request).
Please note, due to hosting company outages we can't guarantee email or text message delivery (99.7% uptime)
Why am I not receiving email confirmation or reminders?
Many free email services (such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail) may send our messages to your junk mail folder unless you add our address to your address book.
What type of training do your workers receive?
Our management team and maids are constantly trained in proper cleaning techniques, use of different cleaning products, proper use and maintenance of cleaning equipment, use of alarm systems, workplace safety, map-reading skills, organizational and time management skills, knowledge of our company's policies.
Can I have multiple address on my online account?
Definitely! You can have as many addresses as needed in addition to multiple credit cards.
How do I cancel appointment?
1. Call (312) 363-8714 Monday- Saturday 7:30am- 5pm or email yo support@accessmaids.com
2. Cancel online.
Please note, we have 24 hours cancellation/ rescheduling policy.

Cancel a Booking Online

  1. Locate the booking by selecting Booking History from the top menu
  2. Select Cancel next to the booking
  3. If it’s a One-Time Booking, a Cancellation Pop Up will appear. If it’s a recurring booking, a Cancellation Pop Up will ask if the whole series is being Cancelled, or just the selected booking.

Cancel Cleaning Reservation
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