Carpet Shampooing


Regular carpet cleaning as part of a complete residential cleaning package can help maintain the life of your carpet and improve indoor air quality, which in turn decreases the likelihood of allergy and asthma symptoms.
Shampooing is one of the oldest and most common methods of carpet cleaning. Mechanically operated brushes work a foamy detergent solution into the carpet pile. Excess moisture and soil are then suctioned away. 

Drying may occur gradually overnight.

  • Good for cleaning moderate soiled carpet
  • Brightens colors and fluffs up the carpet pile
  • Moderate price
  • needs longer drying time (you may use carpets 1-2 hours after cleaning but it takes 24 hours to completely dry)

Carpet shampooing is greatly recommended for move in/ move out cleaning- our company combines both services at the same time.
$31 per room (up to 300 square feet), (includes pre-vacuuming and manual spot cleaning),
$3 per step,
$10 for hallway.
No minimum order if combined with maid service.

Carpet cleaning in Chicago
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