Wow, they clean ! They seriously clean. Unlike some other cleaning services where you never know who is coming next and if that person is really eager to clean your house those guys are leaving your house in "showroom" condition. On the other hand they charge what others do. Definitely recommend particularly for any cleanliness freak.

Posted by Matthew P.
I've used this service twice after trying lots of independent services. I sort of feel like a lazy admitting I'm not able to really clean my own house but I just am not good at the total scrub down. I wanted to find a place that was 100% comfortable using green products and did a lot of research before deciding on Accessmaids. I had two cleaning ladies come this week and I couldn't have been happier with the results. My plan is to use them about once every month or two months and that makes the price a little easier for me to justify to myself!

Posted by Andrew C.
  I actually have had the opposite experience. After going through several cleaners who did not arrive on time, didn't do a good job, or were just plain crazy, I was so happy to find this company. They arrive exactly on time, are super-friendly to my dog and child, and do a great job using environmentally friendly products. What more could you ask for? They were recommend to me by a friend that used them. Would call them again in a heartbeat.

Posted by Ctw2001
My fiancee and I have used these guys every week for the past couple of years. They are always on time and do a good job cleaning.
They are actually pretty flexible. I sometimes have to ask them to cut down the appointment length when they arrive and they are happy to do so. I've also found it very easy to rearrange or suspend service when I'm out of town.
Do be aware that they will give you a window for arrival, usually an hour's slot. We schedule them for their first appointment in the day to ensure that we don't have to wait.

Posted by Adam C.
   I called Access Maids late the day before for early the next morning for a move out cleaning. Sergiy took my information on the telephone. He was businesslike and efficient during our conversation. Within seconds, I got a confirmation of details at the email address I gave him. The next morning, two women showed up on time (7:45am) with their cleaning supplies. I showed them exactly what to do and they did it. Make sure you give detailed instructions; I did not ask them to wipe out the refrigerator, and it was not done. But what more could I ask? I asked for a nearly spotless apartment and they delivered. The place looked fantastic.

Posted by Darren S.
  Being a client for over 3 years, I continue to appreciate the company’s reliability and flexibility. If I ever need to change our schedule, the office is most accommodating. I do not recall a single unpleasant moment over those years. The cleaning staff works efficiently and always remains pleasant.

Posted by m32chi
  Love the concept of AccessMaids. The crew who came was great except they missed 1 thing on the list (window sills). I called to let them know, and we worked with different people the next day. I also made a more specific list of things to cover while they were here. They really are jacks of all trades, so to speak, and I wouldn't trust my home to anyone else. They're a little eccentric, but I think that adds to the charm ;)

Posted by Katie M.
   I would 100% recommend Accessmaids to all my family and friends. The team was on time, very friendly and thorough in their cleaning. My baseboards looked as shiny as the day I moved in and I never even noticed how dirty my blinds were until they were cleaned. Funny enough, I forgot to tell them that I painted my bathroom counters last year and not to worry if they didn't look clean because I hadn't let them dry long enough and I'd gotten dirt and makeup stuck (I thought permanently) in the top coat. Imagine my surprise when I came home and my bathroom counters were sparkling white for the first time in months! I don't know what they did, but it worked - they look fabulous. They really didn't miss a detail, and as someone who works all week long with no time to clean, this was a godsend.
Exceptionally pleased with my tile and grout cleaning in both my kitchen and master bathroom. The girls were very thorough, professional & quite efficient. I was impressed! I look forward to hiring this company for future tough cleaning jobs at my home. Thank you...keep up the GREAT work!
Yes I would like to say I have used this company for over 3 years for my home and business needs. I have try to find cheaper but I have found out cheaper isn't always better.

Posted by juliajacobchicago
  If you're not into running to the market to buy stuff for your maids, this is definitely the way to go and they take credit cards. I hired them for a deep cleaning of our house, and they did a fantastic job with the cleaning itself. They cleaned parts of my house that I have *never* cleaned, and everything looked & smelled great!
They are very responsive when I call to request an extra "something" cleaned

Posted by ARRVentures
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