Quick Cleaning Tips for Chicagoans in a Hurry

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  • 24 Oct, 2017
Quick Cleaning Tips for Chicagoans in a Hurry

Are you always behind in your daily chores?

You wish you had a clean house, but by the time you get home from work you feel exhausted.

You're not alone, many Chicagoans feel the same way you do. With these quick cleaning tips for people in a hurry, it'll be easier to manage your cleaning.

Make Your Bed

Start every morning by making your bed. If you're a single and don't move around much at night simply pull the covers back to their original spot and arrange the pillows.

You can also try stretching out the sheets while you still laying in bed. Once you make your bed, your room will look put together.

Night to Morning Routine

Set up a routine of things you can clean or prepare at night and you can finish in the morning. These quick cleaning tips will make the most dreaded activities fast and easy.


Load your washer machine the night before and start it in the morning when you wake up just press start. Your clothes will be washing as you get ready for work.

By the time you leave the house the load should be done. You can place in the dryer before you head out.


If you're lucky to have a dishwasher, start it every night. Unload it every morning while you wait for your coffee to brew or while you make breakfast.

Without a dishwasher, it could still be simple if you wash your dishes after every meal. It's easier and faster to wash a couple at a time than an entire day of dishes.


Take advantage to the steam from your shower. When the bathroom is nice and steamy is the perfect time to do some cleaning. Keep a small cleaning bathroom kit in your bathroom.

Use daily shower cleaning spray  after you get out of the shower each time, and you will avoid having to clean extra residue. keep a microfiber around and wipe off mirrors and the sink.

If It's Not Dirty, Don't Clean It

You don't have to clean out every Inch of your house every single day. Pick an area of your house to do every night weeknight or weekends.

If you clean each area well, there's no need to keep going back to it every single day. For example, if you remove your shoes at the entrance, you don't have to vacuum the carpet  quite as often.

Don't Accumulate Clutter

Clutter areas will make your house seem messier than it is. We're talking about things you let sit on your coffee or dinner table, and under your bed. Also, recycle old magazines and newspapers.

Get rid of old clothes you'll never wear again by donating to charity . A good rule of thumb is if you haven't worn it in over a year, it's time to let it go.

Did You Enjoy These Quick Cleaning Tips?

If you manage your house cleaning a little bit each day, you could have a clean home even when you're always on the go.

We proudly offer cleaning services for busy Chicagoans. We offer a variety of packages for any occasion. Contact us for a free estimate .

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